Social Entrepreneurship Ideas

South Africa could be a country with substantial natural resources furthermore as human and monetary capital that if used effectively may take it out from the scourge of impoverishment and difference and state facing African nations population, particularly among the youth. the sector of social entrepreneurship has been long known by western countries as a vicinity wherever provincial and native authorities have started policies that alter social entrepreneurs to implement business approaches to social issues. Youth social entrepreneurship is growing and gaining recognition. Definitional tries of social entrepreneurship have proliferated.

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These book is aiming to highlight the understated attitudes of youth towards SE and establish the constraints that youth perceive as barriers to partaking in social entrepreneurship. The book additionally highlights the challenges visaged by youth and barrier expose by English language making in understanding the topic matter. The Author believes that Social entrepreneurship, in the South African context could be a combination of Ubuntu, fellow feeling and going away a bequest for stakeholders.

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